Monday, August 24, 2009

'Yeah, but I didn't inhale.'

Alessandro Ballan has now testified to being aware of EPO use with a Clintonian evasion: "They offered me CERA, but I refused it." You can check out the longer -- if not particularly more revealing -- interview at CyclingNews.

It looks like Nancy Reagan won another one! Menudo would be so proud.

Maybe that's what profession cycling needs, a little Gary Coleman teaching them how it's done. On the other hand, think what Gary Coleman could have done if he'd gotten into cycling: a build like that, the proper fitness program, and I bet the dude could have been a hell of a climber. At the very least it would mean his career would have taken a different track from its current downward spiral.


felonious said...

Midgets v. Mascots! Oh GC!

co2cycle said...

that article is pretty hilarious. it sounds like some shady-lookin' dude in a trenchcoat rolled up and was like "hey, kid. you wanna buy some drugs?"