Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Showing us how it's done

This just in from a correspondent in the UP: the 2009 Ore to Shore was an overwhelming success, complete with a finish line sprint and a blue ribbon. Seriously folks, this guy does not mess around. Let's go to the tape...


That's James in the video, ripping up the trail with reckless abandon. Here's a quick summary of the event from his father Chris:

James decided to go with the single speed rigid trike by Radio Flyer, which seemed like a good choice based on the conditions. In the trunk he stashed a baggy of Teddy Grahams and a Brett Favre figurine (he holds no grudges I guess).

Eat your heart out Leadville riders. It might be kinda early to say yet, but I think that Andy Schleck might need to keep an eye on this guy for the future. Stateside, JD, it looks like you and Luke need to start thinking about your training program.

Really, there's not much that can to make you remember the joy of being on a bike more than to see how a kid's eyes light up as he or she is rolling around on two (or three) wheels. With that in mind, remember that our partner Trips for Kids - Triangle has another "Take a Kid Mountain Biking" event coming up in October. Past iterations have been a great success, so contact them now if you'd like to be a part of things.

The event will be held in conjunction with the TORC Fat Tire Festival on October 3rd. Mark your calendars!


co2cycle said...

Sweet! Gearless direct-drive bikes must be the future. He's also already rocking the Euro-coif (ala Pellizotti)--better check what's in those cookies.

hollywood said...

High fructose EPO no doubt.....