Tuesday, May 31, 2011

mad milage

i've been getting in a lot of road miles lately. few on the bike though.

traveled up to New Jersey for the wedding of BCC's own smAli. "Jersey Shore" it wasn't, but instead, a refined event, as you would expect from a man of such refined taste. the food was fantastic, the people were friendly, the clothing was spectacular, and i finally got to meet his wife.

the Pirate had to cancel at the last minute but we got to sit next to Wicked Mike on sunday which was wicked awesome. word on the street is that he's moving back to the triangle in the somewhat-near future.

also visited my bro and sis-in-law, which was very fun. she's got a brand new bike but hasn't been able to ride it because there's a baby on the way. i didn't take my bike so ended up running with the li'l brother. he used to not like running so much, but sometime in the past decade or so he's gotten pretty fast. i was happy to have him come down to race cyclocross in durham this winter, but i'm worried if he visits again, he'll kick my ass on the bike. maybe i should switch to triathlons.

then we drove up to black mountain to work on our own wedding planning stuff. and while i love the bull city, i would burn the place to the ground and salt the earth behind me for the chance to move up to the mountains.

and, in between, i managed to win the tuesday night durham championships. i never win that thing.

okay, but now that the rain has stopped, the trails should be open. a few of us made it out for a ride on memorial day, and we're talking about getting a regular thursday night ride going. more details soon.

Friday, May 6, 2011

For Ben