Saturday, August 29, 2009

NC: represent

Winston-Salem's own John Hamblin finished a somewhat impressive 22nd place in the US Pro Championships ITT. Linus said he was the first starter, which must be a tough position. This placing may seem less impressive given that there were only 23 listed finishers, but he did almost beat Floyd Landis. Nevertheless, Hamblin gets mad props from me for (1) being one of the most dominant cyclocross racers in the NC scene, (2) getting to ride on Richard Sachs' team, (3) being a friendly fellow, and most of all (4) throwin' down, even if it means getting worked-over. I can identify. Hamblin was to Zabriskie at Nationals like I am to Hamblin at NC cyclocross races. He found the toughest race he could compete in, showed up, busted his ass, finishing second-to-last, and is now preparing for the next race. I don't actually know him, so I don't know if he's happy with his finish or he's pissed (I'm guessing he would have been stoked to at least beat Floyd). But I like to think that he's content that he's out there fighting the good fight. So if you see him at a race in NC (or anywhere), cheer for him (don't worry, you can still cheer for me, I'll be coming along many minutes later). If you see him in a bar in NC (or anywhere), buy him a beer (don't worry, you can still buy a beer for me, too).


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Ex-semi-local racer Brent Bookwalter also just took 4th at the US Pro Road Race.

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Much props.