Friday, August 21, 2009

Going big from a new home

Word on the street is that Hollywood has bought a new house -- congrats! Rumor also has it that the new digs are open for accommodating smelly bikers who happen to be visiting the Denver headquarters of BCC, with only a small donation of beer required.

I think that the new house must come with a new bike. At least, that's what I'm guessing after he sent me the below pic of a Yeti 303 with no accompanying explanation.

Then again, who really understands the mind of Hollywood? Maybe he was giving me a pic of what he's getting me for my birthday. Thanks Hollywood, but I think I'll take the ASR 7, as it seems to be more versatile.


co2cycle said...

i think the house is hidden somewhere behind that oversized novelty bicycle.

Korps said...

Heading out to see Ole' married man on tues. Hopeing that the brother is up for some teaching my brother an I a lesson in high alt. rides.