Monday, August 24, 2009

old school/old students

oh, crap. summer's almost over. Pirate has his new Trapper-Keeper for his first day at his new school. Ali is trying to decide which of his 4 or 5 pairs of Vans he'll wear to class. and Adam's daughter is on her way to finishing school to the four of us.

as for me, i'm trying to get ready for a couple of collegiate mountain bike races and learning new ways to try to get around town with the new influx of students. oh, also, graduate (that's right, mom). over the summer, i became accustomed to cutting across east campus to get to the bike shop to meet up for rides. however, campus is aswarm with undergraduates. the new freshman class was born about 1990 or 1991--after the '80s!!! this doesn't stop them from wearing terrible '80s-inspired clothing, but sadly, they have no ironic basis for wearing some of the crappy crap they're wearing. america in the 1980s was overrun by excess and stupidity, exemplified by this guy:

welcome to cycling history 101. class is back in session.


DukePirate said...

I think I've seen that guy on campus, though I think he's a physics grad student, not a freshman. Just a guess, though.

felonious said...

That's funny 'cuz it's true.

miniweesh said...

Wait, I just watched 3:31 of that guy (who, by the way looks sort of like an epileptic albatross conducting a high school orchestra playing a medley of favorite John Williams movie scores) without seeing the train wreck? I suppose this video would already have hit H1N1 viral status if he had actually taken flight over one of the guardrail-less cliffs.

By the way my professorial brother, I've just taken it upon myself to update the wikipedia entry for "curmudgeon" to reflect your recent entry into the club.