Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This past weekend Canadian Geoff Kabush won the UCI Mountain Bike XC race in Mt. Saint Anne, Quebec, against a full field stacked with Olympic champ Julien Absolan, World Champ Christophe Sauser, and the other fast European riders that have dominated the series for the last decade. During that period several North American riders have been touted as the one who might break a winning-drought that reaches back to Ned Overend and John Tomac. Several have come close, but until now, until Kabush's ride this weekend, the "W" has eluded North American riders (Note: I love how the US cycling publications have shifted to the more "inclusive" coverage of North American riders as its become clear that the chances for success ran higher north of the 49th parallel. I guess I'm in that group, too. I also recognize I might be among the few who actually still follow this series with any regularity). It's not entirely clear how to explain this new success. Maybe there are fewer dopers now than in the past. Maybe North Americans are training harder and seeing the results. Whatever it is, it's a new day.


felonious said...

Note that this post includes, to my knowledge, the first link to a twitter feed from our site which begs the question: When are we going to establish the BCC twitter feed? I nominate Hollywood to run the BCC micro-blogging account and I propose we spend team funds to pay for the Iphone app that will let him do this.

co2cycle said...

more importantly, when is Ali going to establish some Kabush-sideburn links to his hairdo app?

DukePirate said...

Given a choice between Kabush's mad skills and his sideburns I would be forced to stop and give the matter some serious thought.