Saturday, August 15, 2009

Leadville Feed

Despite being somewhat suspicious of the whole "Twittering" thing, it seems like the thing done good when it comes to the Leadville 100. You can follow the race on Twitter here if you like.

It's not nearly as cool as following the Tour on Velonews of CyclingNews, but it allows you to keep up with what seems to have become the most important mountain bike race of the year. (Despite the fact that it's exclusive, over-priced, and lacking any technical challenges. And we're not there. But not bitter. Promise. Sweartagawd.)

Edit 1:48 pm: Lance is destroying the field, having built a lead that's over 15 minutes with something around 15 miles remaining. The crowds look huge (that is, mountain-biking-in-the-US-huge, not Tour-huge), and Lance has one his signature looks of determination. It looks like he'll be close to the course record, even factoring in wet, cold conditions for a few hours this morning. Dayum.

Edit: 8:06 pm: I would have 'tweeted' about this on our list to the right, but I dunno how. There, I said it.


curveship said...

I have to admit it -- I'm not always the greatest fan of Lance. But the whole Leadville thing is just cool, flat out cool.

DukePirate said...

I agree. I'm on again, off again about Lance, but I think that his lending his name to this event -- and to mountain biking -- is pretty great.

Korps said...

What is not to like about Lance?