Saturday, August 8, 2009

Popped! (confirmed)

Ok, so it wasn't a Tour rider, but it looks like Di Luca's doping has been confirmed. That took what, three months? Looks like there's still a chance that the five of you who think that Contador will turn up a positive sample might still be right.

It looks like Di Luca had samples from two different days come up as positive for a new-generation of EPO, which seems to make it seem even more likely that he's a habitual user. I can't say that I'm shocked, but I am a little surprised that he's evidently been caught so easily, while no one from the Tour has raised any red flags. I hope that this is because the Tour was truly clean, but I'm afraid that it's more likely that the labs aren't as good at testing for the new generation of EPO. Then again, I imagine Di Luca can afford the good stuff, and he got caught, so who knows?

On another front, Hollywood is refusing to give blood to anyone for anything, and is taking bids from teams who want to sign a Di Luca stand-in before the bidding war heats up.

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Korps said...

I hate to say it about Alberto, but he was not a team player the way I see it. So if he comes up positive, Lance moves to 2nd.
If you need some blood from Brian, I will be heading to Co for a week. 24-28th.

DukePirate said...

You know, I actually felt kinda bad for Contador, as he was in a really tough position. I didn't blame him for anything he did, as he had so many people wondering if he was strong enough to beat Lance I'm not surprised that he attacked the one time. His comments afterward were silly, but so were Lance's.

I do wonder about the dope, though, as he was head and shoulders better on the climbs. Oh well!