Friday, August 14, 2009

fleet fox

here's a post that actually involves me riding my own bike in durham. wonders never cease.

returning home from a terrible ride (in which i felt like my previous post, but without a World Cup level of exertion), i saw a fox trot across Campus Drive. i'm talkin' about a real fox, not the network that shows good animated sit-coms and polarizing news programing (which dominates the googled search results) or some actress who i think stars in a movie alongside of some transforming robots and who seems to eschew clothes in favor of underwear (at least as far as the googled image search is concerned). it didn't seem to be too concerned about moving quickly, but i wasn't able to take a picture of it.

in any event, as downtown durham gets further yuppified and hipsterized, the rest of the town is getting wild.

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