Tuesday, August 18, 2009

secret training/secret racing

and speaking of BMX bandits, Bull City Cycling's own Baby Dave kicked it at ABA East Coast BMX Nationals this weekend. i'm not entirely sure when the east coast became its own nation, but i guess it was only a matter of time.

from what Dave tells me, he overcame crashes in the qualifying heats to make it to the finals in his category, only to get crashed-out by another local guy who shall remain nameless, but who shares the name of a (non-bicycling) wheel of amusement (hint: it's not Ernest Q. Merrygoround of Carrboro). however, i wasn't there and i don't know anything about bmx racing (other than what can be learned from watching "Rad" 14 times), so i don't want to actually blame someone else for causing Dave's crash. i actually wish Dave would explain it, but apparently his skills as a part-time I.T. guy (in addition to his full-time student gig), do not extend to blogging. if you want to see official evidence, check it here. nice work!

also, let it be noted that bmx-ers not only get to list their club name in their results, but also their nicknames, no matter how ridiculous ("Princess", for someone who was not Dave) or unoriginal (there were two "Hollywoods", neither of which were Hollywood). also, is "Boobie Girl" an appropriate nickname for a 13 year old girl? i dunno, but some of these dudes probably went to prison after the race.

the other things i learned from this event was that (1) Dave dented his new frame in one of his crashes and (2) Dave was pissed that he dented his frame. thing #1 was not surprising, but thing #2 sort of was. i had assumed that Dave's bmx background made him one of those guys who doesn't care what happens to his bike and/or body. however, he is, in fact, as protective of his equipment as the most meticulous roadie. so let this be a lesson to everyone: just because someone races mountain bikes in cut-off Dickies, doesn't mean he don't treat his bike right.

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DukePirate said...

In that spirit, I offer my secret congratulations! Are there any secret photos? Don't worry, I can keep a secret.