Monday, August 31, 2009


I've got to say, George Hincapie has got to be my favorite cyclist. As you may know George won the USPRO road race on Sun. Not only did he win, he won with style and only one other teammate present in the race; not to mention that that teammate, Craig Lewis, was diagnosed with Swine Flu a week ago. Way to go!

It reminds me of a near freak accident that could have seen his pro cycling career taken away... by me. About a year ago I was in Greenville SC with my girlfriend who was running a marathon. We were on our way to the ball park to register for the event and a little stressed both by the unfamiliar surroundings and the lack of parking. As we took our third pass around the many parking lots I saw a spot and made a quick dash for it right as a nice looking fellow dressed modestly in jeans and a red hoodie stepped out from behind an unfortunately large SUV. Fortunately, I posses cat like reflexes and applied the brake liberally giving this mystery pedestrian a bit of a scare. I gave a quick wave to signal "my bad" when I realized that I had almost run over George Hincapie (if ever you read this Mr. Hincapie, I'm sorry). I'm sure that the thought of a career ending crash is ever present in the mind of Pro bikers but I doubt they see it coming from the front bumper of a 2003 Ford Focus.

Makes you think...

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