Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bad news for The Shack

CyclingNews is reporting that George Hincapie and Levi Leipheimer are in talks to form a BMC team. It looks like Team Shack (seriously, we need to get this name thing sorted out) won't be the American superpower for which many have hoped.

On the other hand, it does mean that there will be at least two and probably three teams with a strong American presence in the Tour next year, assuming things continue as planned. Of course, the chances of their not being major shakeups -- drug positives, injuries, retirements, or team spats -- between now and next July are slim to nil.


co2cycle said...

that's good news for BMC, though. they've got an interesting team, including former Lees-MacRae (Banner Elk, NC) collegiate national champion Brent Bookwalter, who rode some of the classics. i like to see guys who work their way up on small teams, as opposed the guys who get groomed by the big teams (not that i have anything against those guys).

DukePirate said...

A Lees-McRae alum, eh? Nice! I'll have to keep tabs on him. Did you ever race against him?

co2cycle said...

I don't know him, but he totally destroyed me at some NC cyclocross races.

JeffS said...

Good. I'd hate to see George associate himself with LA again.

curveship said...

Columbia are fools if they let George go. He and Renshaw were an unstoppable train.

I remember Bookwalter from a few races. At his team's unfortunately (for me) hilly road race, I was so far off the back of the B pack that the A break lapped me. It was him and two other riders, and he went on to win. Wiry dude, lightly built, sideburns.

The next year he won the mtb nationals ... then the cx nationals ... then the road nationals too.

Anonymous said...

we just need to get this name to sorted that won't be the American superpower for which many have hoped.


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