Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A little bird settled on Brian's shoulder...

And she gave him this piece of advice:

Go West young man and get a big bike:
Make it long of leg and plush in the rough
So you can see what the Rockies are like.
Don't skimp on the gears and make the wheels tough

Cause the hills are tall and the climbs are long.
Throw in some carbon to make it all stiff
And a little dual crown won't do you wrong
For when you throw your big bike on the lift.

Slap on an S and jump in the saddle
Point it down hill and head into battle.

So Brian got himself a bright new bike,
Tightened up his shoes and pulled on his gloves
Headed out west and scaled every height
And never came back, for he was in love.


hollywood said...

quite poetic pirate, indeed.
i wish it were my steed.

to bad it is only on loan
when they take it back, i will moan.

hollywood said...

We shall see how tomorrow goes. I'm headed to Winter Park with Lucas and his Yeti. Trestle Bike Park is the destination. I'm sure it will be scary.

Also Winter Park is hosting the National Mountain Bike Championships this weekend......but I'll be selling bikes and not racing them.

felonious said...

Looks like someone is getting a new bike! Maybe by year's end?