Thursday, July 23, 2009

Radio Shack?

Lance is going to try and bring some commercial appeal to Radio Shack. This will be no small feat:

I wonder what implications this will have for future race radio bans.

Radio Shack definitely could use a image boost. Shacks have kinda gotten a bad rap since the 70s. But it's somehow refreshing to see that Radio Shack hasn't tried to rebrand itself as something cooler like Radio Yurt or El Radio Hacienda. Radio Shack has done for shacks what Pizza Hut has done for huts. (Incidentally, a friend of mine who used to live in Belgium says that "hut" means "hat" over there and that Belgians are confused, based on the name and the logo, why Americans would name a restaurant after a cheesy, doughy fashion accessory.)

Equally odd is the fact that Radio Shack has chosen to keep the word "radio" in their name. Who listens to the radio anymore (other than me)? Or who goes to a Radio Shack to buy transistors or electronic equipment anymore (other than me)? I'm actually more surprised they haven't tried to change their name to Cheap Cell Phone Shack or Crappy Boom Boxes and Television Rabbit Ears Shack or Tiny Electronics Parts Randomly Mixed Up In Bins So Good Luck If You Think You're Ever Going To Find That 250V 2Amp Fuse Shack. I guess some people just can't live without their radio, including Stage 8 winner Luis Leon Sanchez (aka L. L. Cool Sanchez):


DukePirate said...

You know, the Shack has always been a soft spot of mine, at least in part because it was the only electronics store in my home town, and also because it's so decidedly un-cool. Kinda like the Post Office, come to think of it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who this friend of yours is or where he stayed in Belgium, but as far as I know "hut" in Dutch translates to "hut" . What you guys call "a hat" in Belgium is "een hoed" (pronounced like a stretched form of "hood", hoood). Perhaps your buddy stranded in some remote corner of our country where the local dialect is unknown to the rest of us, (we do have lots and lots of extremely horrible dialects) but changes are they where pulling your friends leg.