Friday, July 17, 2009


German-Australian Heinrich Haussler won today's rainy stage at the Tour de France with panache and emotion. Like many, I have been surprised by the emergence of this rider who's had a coming-out party all year at races such as Milan-San Remo and Flanders. I recently watched some of the superb videos available on his Cervelo Test Team site where he featured prominently. Based on what I saw there, I wasn't sure what to make of his combination of laid-back Australian surfer dude and Teutonic aggression but today's show of emotion indicates that Haussler is a rider with class and a genuine commitment to win.

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curveship said...

Agreed, his win was great, and the finish was touching.

If this world ever comes down to a Mad Max-style distopia, I figure it will be the Aussies verses the Germans. Which means Haussler will be the Last Man Standing.

I do feel compelled to add that he was a little less classy about Thor's loss to Cav. But chalk that up to youthful brio.