Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Haulin Booty, Gettin Paid

I bike commuted to work yesterday without thinking about the dentist appt I had scheduled for 9am. I realized this at 8:50 and called to reschedule. Apparently this was not my first offense so there was a $35 cancellation fee. Not too bad but I told them I could be there in 30min if it wasn't too late. I was a little worried about the time frame because I wasn't rolling on my nifty geared cyclocross turned commuter but on a SS moumtain bike and it ain't geared for the road. Legs spinning like I was trying to take flight, I made it in 20. Hopefully they weren't too offended by my sweatiness stinking up the whole office but I look at it as getting paid $105 per hour to ride my bike. I think I'm ready to turn pro with that kind of income. I rode after work too and ended with about 70mi for the day. Newcastle and Totino's were my post ride refuel. They should get dibs on sponsorship.


DukePirate said...

You're so money. ;) (<-- See, I used an emoticon, that means I'm hip!)

co2cycle said...

That's some awesome accounting. Forget getting a pro cycling gig, it's time to take those skills to Wall Street.