Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Roadrash vs Eurotrash

Okay, since no jerseys changed hands today in the Tour of the France, here's a French pop band with magic changing jerseys:

Normally, I would not advise that you listen to French dance/pop music. But, when in France, dance like you're getting thrown off a podium. Plus, it's got a Michael Jackson vibe, for whatever that's worth these days.

Actually, I do like this band, and I love t-shirts. I'm even feeling inspired to pull out my old BCC racing T for the Huck-A-Buick this Sunday.

Later, PYTs.


DukePirate said...

This made me think of Hypercolor shirts. Which made me go to eBay. Must... not... buy...

co2cycle said...

Be careful. Hypercolor loses it's hyperness (if not hypeness) with time, so old t-shirt from eBay may no longer change color (though they still may work as t-shirts). Besides, you can just move back to the south and rock the persi-color shirts, like I do. Sweat darkens shirts around the armpits and wherever you're messenger bag comes into contact with your body. Very stylish.