Sunday, July 26, 2009


The folks at Happy Fun Racing managed to pick a woefully hot day for the annual Huck-A-Buck race. I've never sweat that much signing a registration waiver. This race is always a well-run and classy event, so we decided to get all dressed up in our fancy new outfits.

Daniel and Ben kicked off the noon races in the men's sport division. Daniel is on the old guy/medium-old guy cusp so they let him choose to ride with the medium-old guys.
Please note the look of determination on Chef D's face. Pure grit. He rode to a solid 25th (although his time would have placed him in the top 10 of the old guy division).

Gentle Ben rode ferociously in his first race after the accident. With a fully-healed elbow, he is well on his way to recovery. His 14th place finish was just a warm-up.

The points leader of the day, however, was Calvin. He took first place in the Clydesdale Division, riding at a blistering 11.3 mph and beating the next competitor by nearly 2 minutes.

Dig if you will his new bicycle. It's enough to make Hollywood weep.

I actually arrived just at the end of Calvin's race so we didn't get any action photos. This one was taken shortly after he finished and he actually looks pretty composed. When he rolled back into the parking lot, I asked, "how'd you feel out there?" "Terrible." I decided not to ask him how he placed, but apparently, for Calvin feeling terrible won't stop him from going fast.

As for me, I continued my string of Triangle Series 2nd place finishes in the singlespeed division. I'm happy with the result, but I gotta figure out how to win one of these. I did end up winning some free tires (29ers, no less!) and a Gary Fisher t-shirt, size 2XL. So, for any big kids out there, drop me a line if you want a gigantic shirt, otherwise, I'm going to turn it into a Gary Fisher Snuggie.

Special thanks to Adam for taking the photos and to our entire BCC cheering section including Rachel and Daniel and Calvin's kids.

extra photos from the Interweb:
Daniel gets rad.
Calvin gets mad.


curveship said...

Congrats, guys! It was a blast watching you all go round.

I think my favorite photo so far is that of Calvin displaying the face of a winner. Grrar!

Based on times, Chris would have placed in the upper half of the Expert field, and Calvin would have also won the beginners. Nice!

felonious said...

Fantastic races and results. I found a couple of other photos.



DukePirate said...

Great work guys! And the kits look quite snazzy Linus -- strong work.

curveship said...

Hey Chris, did the camera video come out? I took ones of all you three through a little downhill chicane.

co2cycle said...

Just in case anyone thinks that these photos were all staged, there is, in fact, some video footage. I don't know how to post it though, but let me know if you want to see it.

DukePirate said...

Chris: You'll need to start a new post, then simply click the 'film' icon on the top right of the composition page. That will give you a dialogue box into which you can upload the video.

As far as adding music and fancy title sections, though, you'll have to ask someone else. I know Brian has done some video editing, so maybe he can mix up a rad vid for you.

DukePirate said...

On a related note, id it possible that Daniel has some competition for the 'cleanest bike' award? Calvin's is looking mighty shiny there -- time to get out the car polish!

DukePirate said...

That, is supposed to be "is it possible" -- sorry!