Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Top 10

After the unfortunate crash and departure of last-placed rider Kenny Van Hummel, his teammate Fumiyuki Beppu scored another top 10 finish for Skil-Shimano. Podium Cafe apparently could not distinguish between the two Japanese riders and credited the finish to Arashiro, despite the fact they ride for different teams. What can you do?

Also, in a world where cyclists are customizing their equipment with supposedly bad ass pictures of animals or pin-up girls or their entire cycling resume, I did really dig Lance's whimsical Yoshimoto Nara-designed TT bike. I don't think he's actually ridden it, but at least it looks cool. And really, isn't that the most important part of cycling? Answer: yes it is. Sorry Adam.

Which reminds me: look for the launch of our new Linus O-.G. designed BCC kits this Sunday at the Huck-A-Buck mtb race at Lake Crabtree.

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curveship said...

I saw the new kit on Ali yesterday. Nice! (Err, the kit, not Ali. I mean .... Nevermind. I'm so uncool.)