Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Silly Season

With the daily drama of the Tour de France behind us, cycling fans have to make due with the intrigue that defines the weeks before riders and teams are able to openly announce their plans for the next season. So we get lots of speculative articles. Where will Contador land? Caisse d'Epargne? Garm*n? Katusha? A new team with formula one sponsors Santander and Renault? What about Wiggins? Will he stay at Garm*n or is he off to a new British squad in the works, SkyTV? And will Lance lure Andy away from his brother to ride for the Shack? It's enough to make my head spin and it's been less than a week.

And then there's this image, which arrived in my in-box on Monday, from Hollywood with only the follow words of explanation: "2010 trek 6.9 with Di2 dura ace."

So, in the spirit of the silly season, I ask: could this image and these words signal the seemingly unthinkable? Could Hollywood, long loyal to the Big S, be considering a switch to Trek for his next ride? We'll have to stay tuned.


B Swad said...

Only if Hollywood finally wised up! Clearly Trek's carbon trumps that S-Works crap.

hollywood said...

Seriously guys.....didn't you all see the Trek WOW! contest? I won his bike!! Levi's that is. Scratch and win is where it's at. Off to buy powerball tickets.

Speculation nation.....