Friday, July 17, 2009

Can We Cancel the Mountain Stages?

Dear Tour de France,

If the climbers aren't going to race, can we just cancel the mountain stages and replace them with flat ones? All the GC differences are from flat stages anyway. The Garmin-Columbia battles are awesome right now. I think Julian Dean may punch Renshaw, he's so pissed at getting schooled in the lead out. Besides, they look good in their green sunglasses.



DukePirate said...

We are having a pretty boring GC tour thus far. I'd thought that someone might have attacked today in an attempt to shake things up, but instead the biggest news was Levi dropping out with a broken wrist. I'm sorry to see that (I like Levi, even if I don't think he has the instincts of a serious GC leader), it does make Astana look less invincible, which might lead to something shaking loose further down the line.

Did you see Hinault's interview on Velonews the other day? I thought it was great: "Just attack" seems like an awesome philosophy. (Though I suppose that it's not surprising that he didn't try to become a team director.)

co2cycle said...

yeah! let's just replace the whole thing with a series of oval-track crits. but allow them to use motors. and four wheels.