Monday, June 29, 2009

get your romance on

In other BCC-related awards, our gracious sponsor, Second Empire, was voted the "Best Romantic Restaurant" by the Independent Weekly. So go grab someone special, take them to Raleigh, and when you get there, ask the chef (and BCC member) Daniel what he eats to make him so fast.

Also of note, The Bicycle Chain (various locations), was voted best bicycle shop. It (they) edged-out the Clean Machine (also a Bicycle Chain chain). Maybe you say it's not fair that multiple shops beat out other solo stores, but that's just sour grapes. This is just good old fashioned teamwork. Nice work folks.

Friend of BCC, Dain and his place (cleverly called Dain's Place), won Best Burger in Durham County (beating out Cook Out) and Best Bar Staff in Durham County. Check out the link and you'll see that he didn't win best website, but I guess it tells you what you need to know.


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DukePirate said...

Well HELLS YEAH! Congrats to everyone: Second Empire (especially Chef), The Bicycle Chain, and Dain's (especially Dain). Keep on rockin'!

While I can't comment on the Chef's romantic aptitude (something we're both thankful for, I think), I can't agree more with the other two. Congrats!