Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More weekend notes

As Ben mentioned, there was great turnout for the Ride For Clive last weekend. It was great to see so many cyclist out on the American Tobacco Trail, ranging from little kids to dudes on racing bikes to dudes on rusted old cruisers to a dude on a bike from Duke's bike borrowing program. The latter aforementioned dude was Ali, pictured below holding court behind his comically oversized Amsterdam bike.
Also pictured are Jay, Rachel, K-Law, Ben, and the Notorious L.O-.G. (aka Loggie Smalls). The photo has not been doctored; Ali's bike's handlebars are as high as his chest, Ben is twice as tall as the Suntrust building, and Linus is wearing cutoff jeanshorts. After the ride, Linus confirmed that cutoff jeanshorts do not get the Bull City Cycling seal of approval for a non-cycling specific product recommended for cycling. I actually didn't take any pictures during the ride because I was helping to direct traffic and didn't want to actually cause anyone to run off the trail.

But back to the ride. I don't really know what to say except for thanks to everyone who helped out. Thanks to all of Clive's coworkers at the McKinney-Silver marketing firm, who did so much to turn this from simply a big group ride into a fitting memorial and celebration for a fallen friend and cyclist. And thanks to the bicycling community of Durham, who were so kind out on the trail and appeared to be having a great time. Please keep fighting the good fight, riding your bike safely and confidently while enjoying all it has to offer. 


hollywood said...

Major props to all involved!! Kudos to everyone for all of the hard work that went into the event.

I am a bit disturbed to see Ali wearing shoes with laces??? Not slip ons.....Did someone finally learn how to tie their shoes??? Nice!!!

DukePirate said...

Of all the things to notice, you recognize the laces on Ali's shoes? You are a clothes horse.

Great job guys!