Monday, June 1, 2009


back on the road with Jay, Linus, and Ali (L to R).

Did a nice 85 miler down to Saxapahaw, driven by Jay's super strong pace setting, Linus' super fast county line sprints, and Ali's super quick wit. I set a new personal record for nature breaks (it's starting to get warm and I'm still getting my hydration figured out). We also stopped at a convenience store and chatted with a local dude who was looking forward into converting an old road bike into a brakeless fixed gear to ride on the rural roads to Carrboro. While I found this idea strange, both due to the ubiquitous trendiness of fixies and the ubiquitous impractical application of fixies, I can only tip my helmet to folks who want to ride bikes.

Also of note, the awesomeness of the Snow Hill area of the piedmont. Snow was nowhere to be seen, but we rode a long stretch of BASS Mountain Road. Some people pronounce "bass" like the fish or like Gossip Girl character Chuck Bass. 

However, given the fact that the funky-fresh M.C. Broom's church is on this road, I'm quite certain that the mountain is made up of subwoofers, kicking out that sweet, low-frequency bass. Unfortunately, I didn't hear any of this bass, which is too bad because it would have made a nice beat with the clicking sound that my bottom bracket was producing. Match that with some of Pirate's dope rhymes and we'd be ready to take the show on the road.


DukePirate said...

Mmmm, Sexinmypawpaw...

Nothing like a mid-ride hotdog to break the monotony.

curveship said...

I'd say it goes without saying that any ride that starts in Durham and ends someplace with "snow" in the name has to be epic. Nice!

bullcitybiker said...

It IS awesome riding around Snow Camp. Back in the day, my local club had a road race through there. Thankfully, the roads haven't seemed to change a whole lot in the 15 years since. Racers from hillier places would always ask afterward- "So where was the mountain?"

BTW- "Bass" is the name of a local family, pronounced like the fish.