Thursday, June 11, 2009

Praise for The Professor

From a classified advertising the sale of square-tapered RaceFace cranks sent to one of the local listserves this morning, recognition of Professorial Style in an imagined dialogue:

"But Tom (re: in a hypothetical complaint to the seller), square taper is from the bronze age." No, it's not. Press-fit is the best way. Unless you're real big, square taper is fine. Old-skool RF cranks are almost cool enough to put you in the style league of Chris O."


curveship said...

I hope the Professor is getting royalties for the use of his name in advertising like that. Hey Chris, now that you're a brand, can I be your agent?

co2cycle said...

I see a niche in this for me. While I'm no retro-grouch, I could represent the slow-adapter. Full expose to follow.