Thursday, June 18, 2009

Free Missy

if you're rollin' fast downhills in upstate new york, watch out. former world champion missy giove was arrested for rolling with 200 lbs of drugs. this actually appears to be a sad end to one of mountain biking's most colorful characters. while some professionals get me excited about riding my bike(s), i usually forget that most of them don't make much money and even if they do, they don't make that money for long. i guess one of the morals to the story is, stay in school, kids. another may be, enjoy cycling for fun and be glad you don't need to earn your living from it. finally, say no to drugs.


hollywood said...

This sounds suspicious. Hmm. This all went down in Pirate's backyard.....and he was testing out "toned down" downhill bikes this weekend. Perhaps Missy needs to Remedy the situation and just ride bikes!!

I still suspect Pirate is involved in this foiled plot. Run for Canada.....just not on a Remedy. It will take you months.

DukePirate said...

This has been all over the local news and bike discussion boards up here. I don't know if her permanent residence was in the area, but she rode a lot around here and people knew her at least in passing. Here's a report from the local newspaper:

Yeah, just say no to drugs. Or at least to an entire trailer's worth.

curveship said...

The war on drugs is no laughing matter. Just read the article John linked to and see how seriously DEA Special Agent In Charge Gilbride takes it:

"Following the defendants' initial appearance, DEA Special Agent in Charge Gilbride stated, '(Drug) trafficking can lead you downhill fast. From championship mountain biking to street level drug dealing, the only reason people turn to drug trafficking is to make a profit from the sale of illicit narcotics. DEA and our law enforcement partners successfully put the brakes on this drug trafficking organization and put them out of business.'"

co2cycle said...

Is that why so many fixed-gear kids run no brakes [nobr akes]? to boycott the war on drugs?