Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baby's First King

(Not, not that King, that would just be scary. This King.)

In my never-ending search to be as cool as the cool kids I made my first Chris King headset purchase last week. Never mind that this is years after CK headset became de rigeur among cycling's elite and wannabes alike, and that as of yet the headset isn't actually on my bike, not to mention the fact that I bought it used in a shady eBay transaction (is there any other kind?), now I can proudly lift my head amongst fixie-hipsters, retro-riders, and big-hit bombers alike. In short, I have arrived. (Or will when I press the damn thing in.)

I'm going to ignore the facts that current internet scuttlebutt says that King's O-ring design is inferior to the Cane Creek 110's, and the even the cool Kingers have moved to the sotto voce design, because -- dammit! -- I want in the cool kid club!

I'll let you know if the damn thing miraculously takes a pound off of my bike, I'm suddenly admitted to some uber-hip Albany bike speakeasy, ladies begin to swoon before the Ferrous, or I suddenly get a lot more street cred. (At this point I'd be OK if it makes the 13 year olds at the park quit making fun of me, but whateva.)

So, yeah, I'm cool now. Really, I promise. And my bars spin like grease on ice. But I'll never be as cool as this:

Then again, what is as cool as that? That's right, nothing. NOTHING I say!



hollywood said... yes. But you have bought durability. My King currently resides on my new Epic.....but has been on at least the following old Stumpjumper, my old 5500 Trek, the previous 5500 Trek and a 2300 Trek in between.

Congrats Pirate! Oh and I hear all of the cool kids out here are now rocking the new Cane Creeks...ugh.

co2cycle said...

No, no, no. Headsets are for posers. All the hip kids are running fixed steer bicycles these days. Get with the times, old man.

DukePirate said...

Ah, the mid-frame hinge? Damn that would be cool. It's a good thing I can't weld.