Monday, June 29, 2009

Gettin' High or How I learned to Chase Goats

Greetings Flatlanders. A few days ago I headed out on quite an adventurous day of road cycling with a couple of my co-workers from Wheat Ridge Cyclery. Adam de la Pena (former Durham Cycle Center Employee), Kit Recca (17 year old future Pro Tour racer) and I headed out for what would soon become one of the most memorable and momentous days I have ever had on a bike. We departed from the outskirts of Denver around 8am, with temps already soaring at 7,400 feet.

Halfway up Evans at Summit Lake (before the switchbacks)

Now a few stats:

1) Our starting point of the day was higher than the summit of Mount Ventoux by over 1,000 feet!!!
2) L'Alpe-d'Huez ranges between 6,100 and 10,900 feet.
3) Mount Mitchell tops out at 6,684 feet
4) Mount Sinai in Durham is about 100 feet tall.
5) Mount Evans tops out at 14,240 feet.

The three of us at the summit. 40 degrees in Take note of the kid with the $9,000 will hear much more of him in the future from Europe.

Below is our route (out and back) and elevation profile of the day.


DukePirate said...

"Chasin' goats' sounds like a euphemism for something, though I'm not sure what. Maybe we could put it in that amorphous category anchored by Sanford's use of 'hiking the Appalachian trail' as hinting at untoward sexual dalliances.

Hum, on second thought I'm not sure that we should bring farm animals into that equation.

Looks like a great ride, nevertheless!

felonious said...

Dare we call this ride epic?

DukePirate said...

Maybe even 'extreme'?