Wednesday, June 24, 2009

il mio video

Kranked - REVOLVE Teaser from KRANKED/ReJeK+ on Vimeo.

Some of us are aging wanna-be shredders but as this video, which dropped earlier this month, shows there are some among us who are out ripping all the gnarly Front Range shit, racing Super D, and spreading our radness.


co2cycle said...

i like the hi-def footage of dudes walking their bikes uphill. extreme!!!

DukePirate said...

You can tell they're hardcore because they've got crappy music. Extreme!

hollywood said...

What are you talking about Pirate....I worked long and hard on scoring my lastest and greatest home video.

And this poll that is going on to the right of the leading cause of Ben's fall related to any of the following:

Ben dreaming of freeriding his 9.8?
Ben missing me of jolly Bull City mtb rides?
Or Ben being haunted by the ghost of Hollywood past?