Sunday, March 2, 2008

Uwharrie Escapade

In an effort to up the ante on endurance mountain bike training and break the winter monotony of Beaver Dam, New Light, Duke Forest, Beaver Dam, New Light, Duke Forest...etc...JD and myself ventured down to Uwharrie National Forest rollin' in speedy style aboard Bull City Cycling Team Vehicle #1.....JD's 350Z (our response to Michael Ball and Rock Racing). At first I was a bit nervous that we would arrive at Uwharrie sans bicycles.....but after one missed exit (on I-73/I-74/US220/whatever this road is called now) we met up with former Durhamite turned Charlottian - Wicked Mike.

We turned some fast laps on Super Tree and Keyauwee, riding everything forwards, backwards and sideways. After 30+ miles of intense up and down singletrack with some fireroad action mixed in the middle we came to the following conclusions:

  1. The Cohutta 100 is only seven weeks away.
  2. The Cohutta 100 is over three times as long as what we rode at Uwharrie.
  3. The Cohutta 100 is going to hurt.
  4. JD wants to trade his 350Z for a 1970's El Camino SS that we saw for sale in Troy, NC.


jd said...

that '68 camino would have made the perfect bike hauler. i bet they would throw in the late '70's model too.

DukePirate said...

Damn, you guys really were riding in style. Oh, and I wouldn't worry, because from what I've heard it's really the first third of a century that's the hardest: after that it's all down hill. Really.

The last pic is scary.