Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday Ride

Well, I gave the Tuesday ride a second go at it hoping that I would fair better than the first try...

As I peddled up to the shop I noticed that the group was much smaller this week so my hopes were higher that some of the freak shows on bikes wouldn't rip my legs off in the first few miles. As it turned out I think 15 guys or so made it and it was a bit more reasonable riding, for me at least.

The traditional first run up Mt. Sinai was fairly easy going with a little acceleration after the top to shake things up. The pace mellowed as we looped around for the second run up. I was trying my best to hang at the back and not take a pull in an effort to conserve as much energy as possible but inevitably somehow I ended up on the front as we were on Kurley heading from Cornwallis to Sinai. I decided to take an easy pull, keep the pace reasonable and pull off as we made the turn towards the ascent. As soon as we hung a right, I turned to the guy next to me and said that I was swinging off. He looked relieved thinking the same thing I was... no way in hell I am leading this group up that climb.

We gently pulled to the side only to hear Bergler whisper in disgust...nice timing. He was right behind me and forced to take the group up the road. As you can imagine, the attacks began and the group got even smaller.

Over the top, I ended up with two other guys as we chased to catch two guys up the road and had a group of 4 chasing behind. Fortunately, the two guys up the road slowed down a bit so we could catch on and the other group latched on shortly there after. Somehow I managed to hang on to the end and finished up with the group.

Honestly, It was a much easier ride than the previous week but I will take what I can get. There were only two guys that were really strong and they just took monster pulls and kept everyone in enough pain that attacks were nullified.

Thought you guys might like to hear about the ride and I hope to see you there next week.


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DukePirate said...

Great job! I'm sorry I missed you guys yesterday, but I'm afraid I wouldn't have been much use. Chasing after the hill is always tough: you did well if you had enough left in the tank to grab on after the climb.