Monday, March 3, 2008

Shreddin' Beaverdam

Hello Bull City Cyclists....This is my first blog so I am crossing my fingers that it turns out well.

Daniel, Linus and I met up at 10:30 today and headed out for a mountain ride at Beaverdam. Daniel was early, of course, and ready to rock and roll. Linus hasn't ridden his MTB for about a month or so and was thinking he was a bit rusty. As you can see, he still ripped it up...

Daniel was cheesin' while catchin' air. In case you didn't know his nickname is Dirty Hairy..."got one question for you kid, do you feel lucky?"

Then there is me, Daniel said that he's not a photographer so he missed the shot...I think that I was just too fast for the shutter. Ha Ha!!!

All in all it was a great ride and a good time. No major crashes, although Linus' chain popped off 7+ times. I don't know how he did it. Dude kept a cool head and kept riding, personally I would have thrown a temper tandrum but hey that's just me!

As you can see, the weather was primo and we all threw down. I can't wait to shred Beaverdam in the race this summer. Who else is ready?

That's it for now.


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DukePirate said...

"I think that I was just too fast for the shutter."

But as a consolation, your booty ends up looking really fast. Sweet speedy booty.