Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Ride

Hey Guys,

This is my first go at a posting from so I hope this works out...

Geoff, The Professor AKA Chris Oishi, and I headed out for a tempo ride in celebration of Easter. It ended up being a bit under 4 hours of beautiful countryside. We knocked off just under 70 miles, had a few laughs and great conversation. Here is the route below...

We all had a blast and I ended up with pretty tired legs. Geoff was pretty wiped out as well. The professor said that we worked him but personally I think he was just toying with us. He probably went out and reversed the loop on his own or something insane like that.

If you have not ridden with either of these guys recently, they are animals and are tearing the wind in half. I am getting excited about the up and coming racing season. If we continue to work hard maybe we can make something happen.

Until later, keep riding...


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