Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"I'm not a playa, I just crush a lot"

[Many thanks to Big Pun for today's title.]

Ali and I loaded up el truckadora and headed out to Beaverdam for a TMTB-sponsored night ride, where we met JD in the parking lot. (He'd already done something like four laps and one hundred pushups.) Ali was sporting some new bling, and we spent some time in the parking lot admiring it.

Unlike last time, rather than rolling out in a big group, we were able to spin around all by our lonesome, threading through the woods in fading light and beautiful 60 degree weather. In fact, other than the beautiful weather, the night ride was only really remarkable for how uneventful it was: just a really nice spin in the woods. Oh, Ali did get a little carnage, but nothing too bad:

I think he'll survive.

All-n-all, a good night: we were crushing, enough to make Big Pun proud.

4 comments: said...

A little blood makes you stronger. said...

Bling-tastic. The white fork should make you faster.....sayeth Che-Geoff.

jd said...

that's 400 pushups. 100 per lap. dang, get it right next time.

DukePirate said...

My bad! I did think you were looking pretty huge: that explains it. Remember, BCC does not endorse doping in any form.