Wednesday, March 12, 2008

two-parts to this story

Part 1 (the ride): Pirate and I met JD at Beaverdam this evening for a "night ride." With sunset at 7.30 and a ranger-mandated and -enforced notice to vacate the parking lot by 8pm, the night portion of the ride was brief. While short on the darkness, the ride did not lack for speed: JD and particularly Pirate were killing it tonight. Although Pirate claims to be of lesser fitness during the early part of this season, there was no evidence of this being the case this evening. A longer post may be forthcoming. Stay tuned for pictures.

Part 2 (over heard post-ride): We returned to D-town and ran into cyclocross specialist, all-around good guy, and materials specialist to Duke's efforts to produce an invisible cape (long story) Jonah while in line for burritos. It was great to see Jonah and hear about his goings-ons, especially as he and I had been out of town for parts of the last year. It was during dinner when I heard Pirate say "I've always wanted to do a race while wearing a stuffed bear costume," something I thought particularly worthy of sharing on this blog.


DukePirate said...

It would be AWESOME! Big, furry, long white teeth, flying around the trail: AWESOME I tell you! said...

Pirate is a Furry Sandbagger!