Tuesday, March 4, 2008

road miles

This morning B-Swad and I set out from Durham in search of four hours of the Triangle's most scenic roads. Under grey skies, strong winds but otherwise balmy conditions, we found them. The conversation and pace were good; exactly what I need to shake off the recent onset of a funk. We climbed the good ones, Sinai, Borland, and Johnston Mill, together and I was left to grunt up Pleasant Green alone as Ben and I split at Saint Mary's and he headed home via another route. It was shortly after we parted ways that the promised rain delivered, coming down in a cleansing torrent. I enjoyed that solid rainfall for a good six miles, contentedly thinking back to many rainy rides this last summer and in years past. As I rolled the final deuce, the sun shown with strength for the first time that day. Its presence today was brief and like our ride itself, will be sweetly recalled.

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