Saturday, March 8, 2008

Problem Solver

Or here's hoping:

If you look closely you'll notice that not only do I have a fancy new Brooks saddle on my Redline, but it's mounted on a Specialized carbon fiber seatpost, complete with Zertz inserts, or some such nonsense. Rather than a product of my continued search for upgrades (at Beyoncé's urging, of course), it was more my need for a setback post and Geoff's finding this lying around the shop.

I'm hoping that this takes care of some, er "problems" that I've been having of late. If not immediately, then at least once my posterior perspiration takes care of the breaking in. (Umm, tasty...)


Korps said...

Is that the saddle you ordered for yourself? Or the one your girl helped with.

DukePirate said...

Myself. My girlfriend (who will remain anonymous, as the interwebs scare her!) is back to the drawing board for my birthday present. You all should be doing some hard thinking about what you'll get me, too: there's only 10 shopping days left 'till PirateDay!