Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Durham March 2008 Critical Mass

Well we had a pretty good showing at the March 2008 Durham Critical Mass. It was a perfect weather day and a fairly large crowd showed up for the 8 mile event. A happy and social time was had by all. Dave, Ali, Pirate, and myself mixed, mingled and cycled with an eclectic group of Durham cyclists.

Dave and Ali - Pre-ride

Pirate and Dave in action

Other Critical Massers

Ali and myself rollin' on the Tobacco Trail.


DukePirate said...

You forgot to mention that I took out the eight year-old girl on the pink bike (totally an accident, and not my fault -- sweartagawd!), and that later Ali knocked an old(er) man off the road (and then laughed about it... maybe not). Possibly not tour finest moments.

Great pics. said...

I know. I left those details out.....because I didn't want folks in the Cat. 5 Crit scene to know our game plan.

Korps said...

You guys are suppose to be ambassadors our there. From Pirate... sure... But you Ali?? Geeze.