Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bent Creek/Mills River/Pisgah Epic

In an effort to continually upgrade mountains (see Uwharrie post from last weekend).....I ventured to Pisgah National Forest this weekend meeting up with Wicked Mike (again) and substituting Andrew (from Greenville, SC) for JD. Well to make a long story short Mike, Andrew and myself are now T-Minus 5 weeks from the Cohutta 100 mile mountain bike race in Tennessee. JD is going too, but missed the entry deadline for the 100 and is tackling the 65 mile race.

Anyways, on Sunday many miles were logged, thousands of feet of elevation were gained, too many Clif Bars were consumed (no hard boiled eggs this weekend) and only minor mishaps occurred on the trail. Bent Creek is a fast paced, elevation heavy, mountain bike roller coaster ride. I love it. Mills River.....well it will kick you in the face if you are not careful. Luckily....I escaped with only frozen toes this trip.

My dirty Stumpjumer at the entrance to Bent Creek near the Blue Ridge Parkway, coming from Mills River.

Wicked and Andrew post descent of Spencer Gap Trail in Mills River. Notice both of these chumps are on 2-9er Titanium mountain bikes. I was slumming with my 2-6er M4 aluminum bike......poor me.


jd said...

sorry i missed that. will probably make a pisgah trip either on the 22nd or 29th if you want to go again. don't worry you'll show them when you get your carbon epic.

DukePirate said...

We promise to buy you a new bike once you stop whining about the (pretty damn nice and extremely light) one that you have now.