Sunday, May 25, 2008

To Douthat or not to Douthat.......Douthat is the Question

Yes. You should Douthat. At least that is what JD, Dave and myself decided on Saturday. Douthat State Park is in such a remote area of western Virginia that even Googlemaps can't accurately or consistently tell you how to get there! We departed from Durham on Friday evening for a 1/3 Memorial Day weekend adventure. Our adventure started with a 5 hour journey to Douthat from Durham via every single scenic byway in Virginia or at least it seemed that way. Around 9pm we rolled into Buchanan, VA and devoured some spaghetti from a local mom and pop pizza joint in town. Carboloaded and ready to escape from the Tacoma-lodge we quickly set up camp just outside of Douthat State Park at a private campground. The state park campgrounds were full and in the future I would highly recommend staying in the park on the lake. See forthcoming photos.

JD and Dave trying to figure out how this little cabin ended up way up here in the woods.

Dave was riding so fast that his skin started to melt on the screaming fast singletrack descents.

A nice section of bench-cut trail on the Mountainside Trail.

Dave and myself on Mountainside Trail. Notice the nice inviting lake below.

Dave telling JD we are not taking another photo in this spot.

Trust me this is the sketchiest bridge ever. I think it was constructed of chicken wire and wood from an old rotten barn.

So in the end our adventure leaned more towards a comedy of errors and not so much a Shakespearian tragedy, with only minor bloodshed and three mountain bikers pondering why oh why hath we not haveth larger mountains closer to the Bull City. Alas, Douthat you bringeth merry times.


DukePirate said...

It sure wasn't very nice of you to beat up on those gearless guys like that. You should Douthat. (Sorry, I had to.) said...

beat up on them? hmmm. dave crashed himself! JD was just rollin. i like gears and suspension forks.