Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dirt times two

Fueled by a little NaS and talk of other old school hip-hop, Chris and I headed out of town to find a trail neither of us had ridden for some time. As we were unloading our bikes we ran across someone we'd ridden with a couple of years ago: Chris (aka sennaster) was rocking out a big-wheeled Redline, and we eventually figured out that we knew each other from a ride at New Light. He was joined by his friend Josh, who scoffed at all of us on our overly trendy 29ers. (Not really, or at least not audibly.)

The four of us shoved off together at a nice easy pace meant to match the holiday weekend, as well as the good Professor's tired legs. (Uh, and mine too, but I blame it all on Chris.) Quickly confused on the winding trail, Oishi and I got separated from Chris and Josh, but not before we passed we got a pic of his blue bike in action.

Thoroughly turned around by this time, Chris and I continued plod along through the woods, all the while discussing an elaborate taxonomic system that could accurately categorize the various sub-populations of 20- and 30-somethings. Engendered by the question "what is a hipster?" and quickly digressing into attempts to quantify ironic distance as measured by the polo's popped collar, it's amazing that neither of us wrecked while pondering the difference between the hipster and the scenester. Clearly, the world will be a better place once we can resolve some of these weighty issues.

In honor of the philosophical nature of our ride, I present a photo with the effects all screwed with for no good reason other than I like playing around on iPhoto:

Needless to say this was more of a social ride than a training ride (something the meaning of which I've forgotten), but it was just enough to wash away any aftertaste of used car shopping. (If only I could find a '62 Ford Ranchero that got good gas mileage and had anti-lock brakes and airbags that whole search would be over, by the way. Anyone? Edit: Or this!)

We all wait with bated breath for the tales of woe and wonder that will accompany JD, Dave, and Brian back from the VA.


Christopher said...

good to meet up with you guys again.

just so everyone knows, that log crossing was on a pretty steep uphill climb, i just made it look easy! :-)

Dave said...

There is a 60s Ranchero on the corner of Broad and Murray that keep screaming "team vehicle" at me every time I ride by it on my way to work... We could retrofit some airbags, swap in a hybrid motor and voila the new piratemobile.

DukePirate said...


You are indeed correct: the reason that I was stopped to take the pic was because I didn't make the hop. We need some sort of "difficulty rating" index that we can put on pics so that it's clear what's hard and what's not. Either that, or I could become a better photographer, I suppose.


Broad and Murray? OK, I'm going to go check that out. There's also a 70s El Camino just up the road from Beaverdam that would be pretty rad, but it's big enough that I think a four-banger would be hard pressed to push it around. Maybe what I need is one of those old Subaru Brats from the early 80's.

felonious said...

scenster? have i missed something? where do bikes fit in? said...