Saturday, May 3, 2008

May day, may day!

BCCers were a hard lot to track down yesterday afternoon: between weddings, the PMBAR, allergies, broken bikes, and general lameness, Dave and I were the only ones willing to brave the Carolina North trails on a beautiful Friday afternoon. (Or everyone else had something better and more productive to do with their time, as the case may be.)

We hit Dave's old stomping ground and wound our way through the tight and ever-evolving CHHS/Carolina North Trails. I still don't know my way around those trails at all, but we rolled around for a couple of hours of fat-tired fun. As we were on our way home Dave decided to show off his mad skillz on a pipe/skinny, with the penalty for failure being a rather
unwholesome bath in a creek that smelled like nothing other than pig poo, swine offal, or sow stuff.

The obstacle:

And Dave putting on the clinic:

Not bad, methinks. Nowhere near the pain that JD is throwing down in Pisgah this weekend, but still a good Friday afternoon.


Dave said...

Very surprised and glad that I didn't get wet...

DukePirate said...

I forgot to point out to the peeps how you were keeping it real CH-style: Dickies, tee with the sleeves ripped off, no Camelback and general badassedness.