Sunday, May 11, 2008

Little River Recap - Updated + Pics!!

Easy B, Chris, Daniel and I showed up at Little River yesterday excited to get the first race of the 2008 Triangle Mountain Bike series out of the way. Ben showed up with his cruiser and flirted with entering himself into the race's most populated category: singlespeed. That's where Chris and I lined up for the day, with Chris posting a 2nd place finish.

He was clown posse all the way in his performance, with big grins and hellos for all the folks at start/finish line. That's him on the school-bus yellow Vassago.

I was happy for my mid-pack performance after a week of fever, body ache, and unsuccessful efforts at bed rest. I found myself unable to get my legs moving on the course's tight and twisty trails. I wasn't alone, Brian reported hitting eight trees and sustained three weird crashes enroute to his 5th place Expert finish. I was lucky to avoid the same, but I wasn't moving quite as fast on the day.

Daniel took a big a 5th in the sport men's category after working a 18 hours the previous day. Huzzah!

See you at the next race in Chapel Hill at Carolina North Forest.


co2cycle said...

Results and lap times are up at:
Big props to the organizers and the park for a great event.

jd said...

that's what i'm talkin about. nice results for the team. hopefully i can join y'all for the next one.

DukePirate said...

Great job everyone! It sounds like it was a good way to start off the XC race season, as well as to get a few more BCC feet wet. I'm disappointed that no one took my advice and made impromptu BCC shirts with old Ts and a sharpie, but great finishes nonetheless.