Friday, May 23, 2008

Adam "53x12" Haile

The recently-returned and much-improved Adam Haile and I met this morning for a quick jaunt. Quick was the operative word. Adam showed off his midwest crit-honed pedal-through-corner-skills, ramping up the the tempo immediately and unforgivingly to make sure than he spent an hour at 300 watts. He spends more time in the his biggest gear than anyone I have ridden with in recent memory. Welcome back, Adam.


DukePirate said...

Doesn't Adam still ride a compact crankset? (Adam?) If so, I think he's pushing 50x11. Not that it matters: broken legs stay broken at any ratio. Welcome indeed.

curveship said...

Nah, the compact is now on my ghetto TT bike (which makes even less sense, but sobeit).

I believe I spent quite a bit of time in my 53x27 too. 21.6mph average for the hour.

DukePirate said...

53x27? Lame.

(I feel safe talking smack, since I've now decided that I won't ride with you on the road. So...)

You really thought that you could get by with that weaksauce down here in the NC? Nay nay my friend.

curveship said...

It's a powertraining thing -- when you try and hold a certain wattage, you end up pedaling deeper into the downhills than you would normally (the 53x12) and taking the uphills a little lighter (53x27). I woulda dropped to the little ring, but I didn't want to sketch out Ali behind me.

Yep, I run a 12-27 on my training wheels. I'm not proud.