Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Light rap

Since Chris and Ben were spent after having broken legs on Saturday's P-ride, Brian and Ali were no-goes following their quixotic adventure through central NC, and JD had somehow thrown his back out getting ready for his son's second birthday party (I'm curious too), it was just Daniel and I on the traditional Sunday ride at New Light. Well, Daniel, me, and a host of others all roaming around the trail on long-travel full suspension rigs. I'm assuming that the two-wheeled couches must be fun, because all the cool kids seem to be riding them these days.

For what it's worth, whenever I see someone riding a 6"+ travel bike on our rather tame Triangle trails I always start singing:

I like big bounce and I cannot lie.
You other riders can't deny:
When some dude rolls by on a 6'n'6 bike
And throws his long-travel in your face
You get SPRUNG...

(Sung, of course, to the tune of the Sir Mix-a-Lot classic "Baby Got Back.")

It's possible that this says more about me than either than anything about either the other bikes or their riders. Maybe even likely.

No matter, we weren't prevented from getting in a good ride, and while it was neither epic nor extreme I think we were both pleased at the pace. More importantly, I was able to finish a ride without having an attack of the tube-snake, meaning that we were able to ride mechanical-free. There was a moment as we skirted the lake when the wind started picking up and I thought we were in for another mid-ride shower, but the threatening clouds blew over and we were able to finish with a cool breeze at our backs. All-n-all not a bad Sunday.

In other news, Adam Haile has officially touched down in the Bull City and is already talking some smack about crushin' 'em on the Tuesday ride. Consider yourself forewarned: Ad-Rock suffers no fools.

**Actually, it's more like me talking smack for him: I'd hate to give the guy a bad name before he's able to even unload his bikes.