Sunday, May 4, 2008

Shining a light

Our rag-tag crew reconvened at New Light this morning, with memories of our last outing here still fresh in our minds. Today Easy B substituted in for Chris and we hoped to make this another memorable ride. Was it? Well, there was thankfully neither hail nor tornado-warning worthy winds but we marked the ride down as the first of the incipient summer. Warm but not humid weather and a several days' fatigue in our legs made this ride hard, the smile-through-a-face-covered-in-sweat kind of hard. Looking ahead to Little River, we're riding smooth and smiling as B demonstrates here:

How's that for a look of intense concentration? This man's a machine.

The camera was low on juice, so there weren't any more pics until the end, where the shutter once again caught Brian not smiling, and Daniel cheezing enough to make up for his dour-faced riding partner.

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