Friday, May 30, 2008

Linus is the most Doughiest person eva!

No, really, I mean it: the boy cleaned up at the Doughman last week, so much so that he's even gaining some notoriety in the local press.

What is the Doughman, you ask? Is it like the Ironman, you ask? Is Linus our hero, you ask?

First things first: the Doughman, as described in the Raleigh News and Observer:


Here's what Saturday's 14 teams had to do to earn the coveted marshmallow-and-pasta lei awarded finishers:

EAT: Egg, ham and cheese biscuit; side of potatoes and fruit at Foster's.

BIKE: 5.7 miles.

EAT: Paula Rocks Wrap (chicken, vegetables, sauce), kettle chips at Nosh.

RUN: 1.8 miles.

EAT: Chili dog and five hush puppies at Luther's

RUN: 2.2 miles.


RUN: 2.8 miles.

EAT: Bacon cheese fries at Dains, lemon apple mint Loco Pop

RUN: 0.7 miles to finish at Farmers Market.

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So basically yes, it's exactly like the Ironman, with competitors undergoing rigorous training, extensive endurance tests, and general all-purpose self-flagellation in order to make him or herself the most doughy of the men (and women). Needless to say, as Linus excels at all of the above, it's not surprising that his team "Dain's Team" (OK, so maybe it's Dain's team in name, but it's also Linus's, dammit!) rocked it out. There's also little doubt that there sponsor, namesake, and moral anchor Dain was instrumental in their win.

And yes, Virginia, Linus is Santa Claus. Er, I mean, our hero.

The coverage is pretty amazing actually, with write-ups in several local blogs: Bull City Rising, Carpe Durham, the Grinder, and MyMagicBean, just to name a few. Probably most impressive, though, is the story by Joe Miller in the News and Observer, complete with a photos by Chris Seward. (Be sure to check out this photostream on flickr, as well.)

It sure looks like a good time, and it's definitely worth flipping through some of the pictures to see our hero in action, not to mention the general shenanigans. The question that the rest of us have to be asking ourselves right now: where the hell were we? And how could it possibly been as cool as this event? There's always next year, I suppose.

3 comments: said...

does this mean linus is made out of doughnuts?

DukePirate said...

I think that he means that he's actually the pillsbury doughboy.

Anonymous said...

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