Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Bringing love to my peeps"- Pirate

James Baldwin once wrote that America and the world, needed to realize a "better kind of love" to solve its problems. With those wise words in mind, today Pirate and I set off for the promise of Crabtree's trails under a benevolent late spring sky to set straight our own modest problems. For me, a long week of school short of riding and long on work melted away with the passage of those miles. The dozens of exams I had to grade this weekend could wait, our time on those trails could not.

Crabtree has become a more frequent mistress this spring, as has more time on my single speed; I am happy for both. Pirate is a single speed rider par excellence and studying his lines has resulted in an improvement in my own skills. My bike, a cream-colored Bridgestone Mb-1, is dear to me. My first mountain bike, the MB-1 has been appointed to single speed duty and the recent addition of a rigid Kocmo titanium fork helps it shine at this task. I earned the fork in exchange for completing the English-language translation of the Kocmo site and it is the perfect compliment to the Mb-1's smooth steel ride. I know y'all read because we're all about the ride, but I hope you'll forgive me for becoming sentimental. I heart my bike.

But back to the ride. I'd given my love to Crabtree during my last couple of visits in the form of falls and mishaps. As a result, I'd been shy at riding the skills section. I happily changed that today and reacquainted myself with the skinny and teeter-totter.

With my love no longer in doubt, Crabtree asked Pirate for his and he generously obliged at the pump track.

With his affections confirmed, he picked up where he left off last week and I was able to document him in full flight.

We're off to the first Triangle Mountain Bike series race at Little River next week. See you there.


jd said...

the fork looks sweet. wish i could translate something other than binary or hex.

DukePirate said...

I'm really good at translating 17th century colonial English -- particularly Puritan theological tracts -- into its modern equivalent, but I've get to find a way to parlay that into any useful bike parts. Soon, though, I'm sure.