Thursday, May 20, 2010

BCC Bombshell Dropped Today....

In a stirring string of emails circulated yesterday, BCC stalwart Pirate admitted to having doped en route to completing his PhD over the last 7 seasons. During the time in question, Pirate admitted to using substances such as Coffee, CookOut, Bourbon, and occasionally sausage products.

When reached for comment via text message, a response was simply issued saying "I'm not the only one.....SmAli and the Professor are guilty too!!"

Reports from Durham issued by The Professor and SmAli vehemently deny any allegations of the usage of meat products, claiming "vegetarianism"? However unanswered questions remain as authorities ceased garbage bags from the Professor's luxurious loft apartment and SmAli's historic manor in Watts Hillandale this morning. It has been reported that numerous CookOut milkshake cups and used coffee grounds have been found in SmAli's debris. While shockingly the Professor's recycle bin turned up 7 empty Olympia beer bottles and 4 PBR tall boy cans....crushed (obviously trying to hide them).

It appears that BCC and Dook Cycling have a lot to answer over the coming days......more details can be found here.

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DukePirate said...

Alas, the only thing 'dropped' regarding myself and bikes was me from the back of the pack on the Tuesday shop ride last week. Extra poundage and flat training does not a climbing Pirate make.